If GOT7’s BamBam Wasn’t A K-Pop Idol, These Are The Dream Jobs He Might Have Instead

Does anyone else have the same dream jobs as BamBam?

In a recent interview, GOT7‘s BamBam reflected on his past and how things have changed since then, diving deep into his childhood memories. Compared to when he first left Thailand, when barely anyone knew him, now, he’s one of the biggest K-Pop idols, beloved by many worldwide. The interviewer wondered how he felt about this vast change between his past and present, and BamBam shared that he’s still not completely used to it. Perhaps, he never will be.


One of the times he feels this difference the most is when he’s resting at home. His current home in South Korea is the house of his dreams, just like what he once designed in The Sims, and while it’s proof of all his hard work, BamBam can’t help but sometimes wonder how it all came to be.

What BamBam has accomplished has gone beyond his wildest dreams, so it’s no surprise that there are times when it feels more like a fantasy than reality. But it’s because of those moments of deep reflection that BamBam has been able to continue to be the humble and compassionate person he is.

The interviewer then asked about his interest in The Sims and what he loves about the game. BamBam revealed that what he focused on in the game wasn’t the life aspect but the architectural part. BamBam didn’t initially want to be a singer; his childhood dream was to be an interior designer, and while his life track has gone down a very different path, his love for interior design lives on.

If he never debuted with GOT7, BamBam thinks that he’d either be working in Safari World (an open zoo) or just finished college with a degree in interior design. While we understand where his interior design track comes from, his thoughts about working at Safari World are a little more surprising but endearing.

BamBam’s reasoning for possibly working at Safari World was that he’d loved animals ever since he was young, and there’s one role he had dreamed of since he was young: being a panda keeper.

Practically, pandas are difficult to raise, so the salary would be high. But it was BamBam’s childhood dream job because his job would be to play with the cute pandas. That’s a dream for every animal lover.

BamBam’s childhood dream jobs reflect his unchanging personality: his motivations stem from playfulness, creativity, and love. As a K-Pop artist, BamBam is also able to stay true to his core values, and while seeing BamBam play with pandas would be an adorable sight, Ahgases are grateful that they’re able to see BamBam shine on stage.