GOT7’s BamBam Departs For The USA In The Coziest Of Airport Fits — Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like Him

The king of effortless fashion.

GOT7‘s BamBam is heading to Los Angeles, and naturally, he is doing it in style. Cozy style that is. But wouldn’t be BamBam if he wasn’t also dressed in top-notch brands! Here is how much his comfy airport look costs.

While the members of GOT7 have been doing their best to keep to keep their activities somewhat secret, BamBam has been dropping clues here and there about their potential upcoming schedules, leading Ahgases to believe that something is definitely in the works. Yet, when he was asked by a journalist at Incheon Airport about his planned activities in the US, BamBam had the funniest answer: the NBA (National Basketball Association).

The reporter playfully asked him to do a basketball pose, but BamBam got shy about it and, laughing, changed the topic instead.

While BamBam refused to reveal his true plans for his trip to the US, he did promise to be more active on social media again and keep fans updated.

In the meantime, Ahgases can appreciate the flawless fit that BamBam wore to the airport, which exuded the comfiest (though still expensive) vibes.

He wore a hoodie from the glamorous streetwear brand Fear Of God, which BTS‘s RM was also seen wearing on his way to Las Vegas. The hoodie costs $595.

| /Union

The Fear Of God Essentials sweatpants were priced at around $300, though they are no longer available in many places.

| /Kick Game

BamBam was also seen taking his iconic Balenciaga Bazar Shopper XL with him…

…the bag that made history in Vogue Korea‘s YouTube segment MY VOGUE.


While BamBam’s Bazar Shopper XL is no longer available directly from the brand, the bag was originally priced at approximately $2,430.

| /Browns

There is no doubt that BamBam absolutely killed it with his comfy fit, effortlessly turning the airport into his own runway!

Source: Union, Twitter and Kick Game


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