GOT7’s BamBam Admitted That He Doesn’t Share His Music With His Members—Here’s Why

He has a hilarious reason for this!

GOT7‘s BamBam recently talked about why he prefers not to share his music with his other members!


Following their departure from JYP Entertainment last year, the members of GOT7 are currently all focusing on their solo endeavors, and are killing it!

GOT7 | @got7.with.igot7/Instagram

BamBam recently sat down for an On The Way interview with Esquire Korea, and played his personal playlist of favorite songs during the interview!

One of the questions BamBam was asked was,

Are you and [the other members of] GOT7 still in touch?

BamBam replied in the affirmative, and shared how they still love and support each other all the time, especially with their solo careers!

Yeah, we monitor each other when we release new songs, and grab a cup of coffee at the coffee shop together.


He then cheekily added how they all share songs to get each others’ opinions on them, but he tends to not share as much because he wants to keep the element of surprise!

We share new songs. But I don’t really share because I always want to surprise them.


He shared that for his latest album B, he shared some of his music, but not all!

There are some [songs] I didn’t share.


Even though some of his music was a surprise to them, BamBam’s members probably love and appreciate his talent more than anybody!

You can watch him talk about it here!