BamBam Gets Emotional While Revealing His Deepest Thoughts About GOT7

He couldn’t help but pour out his heart.

GOT7‘s BamBam was watching the sunrise during their reality show in Thailand, when the beautiful sun reminded him of his group.

“This is really the first start. This is us. This is GOT7.”

— BamBam


BamBam got emotional as he recalled back to their first three years, where they underwent so much suffering because they had a hard time finding success.

“We really didn’t have anything. We suffered so much during our first three years. Our statistics weren’t good, and the response we got wasn’t that good either. It was a difficult time.”

— BamBam


But through hard work and brotherhood teamwork, they were able to slowly but surely rise to the top as they are now. But GOT7 still has more goals and dreams they wish to achieve, and BamBam honestly believes that they’ll achieve it all!

“If we continue on this path and keep working hard, I don’t think our dreams that we haven’t made reality yet or the goals we haven’t reached yet will be achieved soon.

If we continue to run hard as a group, we’ll be able to achieve it soon. GOT7, fighting!”

— BamBam


He revealed his deepest wish for GOT7 and iGOT7s to be able to continue on together for a long period of time.

“Let’s rise together like this sun! It feels like heaven!

GOT7, let’s continue for a long time. I wish GOT7 and our fans can continue together for a long time.”

— BamBam


With such a pure and dedicated heart like BamBam, GOT7 and iGOT7s will definitely achieve all that they could ever hope for and more!