GOT7’s BamBam And EXO’s Chen Get Into The Cutest Compliment War At The “Best Of Best Concert” In Bangkok

They’re both humble and beloved kings.

GOT7‘s BamBam was a performer and MC for the Best of Best Concert in Bangkokand given the start-studded lineup, fans eagerly anticipated his interactions with fellow K-Pop idols, including his ultimate bias, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.

Taeyeon wasn’t the only SM idol BamBam had cute interactions with. EXO‘s Chen and BamBam had the cutest compliment war on stage, and BamBam was so shy because of Chen’s compliments that another translator had to translate Chen’s words for the Thai audience. The two were all smiles when they were together, and Aghases and EXO-Ls couldn’t be happier about their adorable exchange.

It all started when Chen beckoned BamBam to stand closer to him after BamBam expressed that he was a big fan.


BamBam and Chen have met once before in probably one of the most chaotic moments of EXO’s “Call Me Baby” era, but it doesn’t seem like the two have interacted much since then. However, just by observing their interactions at Best of Best, it’s clear that the two hold deep respect and admiration for each other and their respective groups.

During their conversation on stage, Chen started off his compliments to BamBam by mentioning that BamBam was super famous and loved in Thailand. Flustered by the sudden attack, BamBam cutely protested that he couldn’t translate Chen’s praise, to which Chen then beckoned for the other translator to translate his words. Chen wanted Thai fans to share in the shower of praise towards BamBam, and he continued to compliment BamBam, saying that when they were on the road, he saw BamBam’s face plastered everywhere on billboards.

Ever the humble king, BamBam responded to Chen’s compliments with his own praise, saying that it was all thanks to senior artists like EXO opening the door for K-Pop in Thailand that he and other junior artists could walk along the flower road in Thailand and be so cherished. This time, BamBam made sure to translate his own words so that fans could hear his sincerity and join him in praising Chen.

Chen is a person of humility himself, so in response to BamBam’s words, Chen replied that with K-Pop, artists are constantly opening the door for each other and helping K-Pop as a whole be loved everywhere in the world.

GOT7 and EXO are both legendary groups who, despite their achievements, have always remained humble, winning over the hearts of fans with their chaotic and loving personalities. Fans of both groups can agree that we’re all eager to see what other GOTEXO crumbs await us in the future.

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