GOT7’s BamBam Is So Skilled At Flirting… Even Red Velvet’s Wendy Couldn’t Resist His Charms

The king of pickup lines has returned!

GOT7‘s BamBam might be collaborating with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and releasing sweet music together…

But he’s flirting with her member Wendy!

Red Velvet’s Wendy

It should come as no surprise, though. BamBam is the master of flirting, after all.

He’s been flirty since day 1. Even as a teenager, he always knew how to make us blush!

And, he consistently flirts with Ahgases to this day. He’s the king of pickup lines.

Now, BamBam has proved once again that he has game more than ever!

GOT7’s BamBam | @BamBam1A/Twitter

Recently, BamBam guested on Wendy‘s Youngstreet on SBS Power FM. He promoted his second mini-album B

It was truly a chaotic (but wholesome) time with BamBam and Wendy together. There was never a dull moment throughout the broadcast.

But the moment that has everyone talking is when BamBam proved his flirting skills. In a now-viral clip, he asked Wendy for the English word of “love.” 

After she replied, he then asked her how to spell it. So, he began, “Starts with?” to which she answered, “L.” 

Finally, he asked, “Ends with?” Naturally, she said, “E,” but he corrected her, “U,” meaning “love ends with you.” 

Her reaction was simply priceless! No one is a match for BamBam’s charms.

It didn’t end there. BamBam continually was charming throughout the broadcast. He even expressed a desire to collaborate with Wendy!

Wendy is certainly not the first idol BamBam has flirted with, and she won’t be the last.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang and BamBam talking to f(x)’s Amber Liu. | 5ivesense TV/YouTube

It’s no wonder BamBam collects idols like Pokémon cards! Everyone loves BamBam, and we can’t blame them.

Watch the hilarious now-viral clip of BamBam and Wendy below:

Watch the full episode below:

Source: @sswnews, @wjeking and SBS Radio