(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon And GOT7’s BamBam Spill On Their Breakup Preferences

If you had to choose, which would you prefer?

In “10-Minutes PlayTime” for Google Play Korea(G) I-DLE’s Miyeon mentioned how she had been watching EXchange 2, a dating reality show that GOT7‘s BamBam is one of the MCs for.

Miyeon (left), BamBam (right) | Google Play Korea/YouTube

What everyone loves the most is BamBam’s unexpected but hilarious “truth bombs,” proving that the only thing BamBam needs to do to cheer people up is be himself.


pls understand our bammie his always like that 😭😭 #transitlove #bambam #in2got7 #fypシ #fyp

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On the topic of exes, Miyeon asked if BamBam would prefer his ex to have a quick rebound after they break up or if he would rather have a silent breakup with his ex, as in his ex broke up with him without any context or further communication.

BamBam would prefer his ex to have a quick rebound, and his thought process reveals his gentle and understanding personality.

I think ‘Quick Rebound’ would be better. Anyway, if you broke up with someone … I think that someone deserves to meet other people.

— BamBam

Miyeon, on the other hand, would prefer a silent breakup.

To her response, BamBam brought up a hypothetical situation where her ex broke up with her one-sidedly, but when Miyeon moved on and started dating someone else, her ex came back and claimed they hadn’t broken up and that Miyeon was cheating. Miyeon could barely comprehend the brazenness of such a situation, but her reaction proved that if this situation ever happened to her, she wouldn’t tolerate her ex at all.

BamBam then asked Miyeon whether she’d prefer breaking up in person versus breaking up over text or messenger.

Miyeon preferred breaking up in person, but it’s not easy to work through so many emotions and end a relationship cleanly, so she understood why people would choose to break up through text.

I… of course, it’s more polite to break up in person, but it’s hard to face that in person. It’s really not easy to finish everything in person, so, I think I can understand (breaking up via messenger).

— Miyeon

When she turned the question back to BamBam, he joked and said he’d prefer a video call. That way, he could break up “in person” but also have the safety of breaking up over messenger.

In all seriousness, BamBam preferred breaking up in person since it allowed for more closure than over text.

It’s the most comfortable for me to meet. I think also the bad feelings will be sorted out a bit.

— BamBam

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