GOT7’s BamBam Meets With Golden State Warriors Ahead Of His History-Making NBA Halftime Show

He and Andrew Wiggins finally met!

GOT7‘s BamBam is making history as NBA (the National Basketball Association) team’s Golden State WarriorsGlobal Ambassador!

GOT7’s BamBam | @BamBam1A/Twitter

Recently, it was announced that BamBam would become the first K-Pop idol to perform a halftime show at an NBA game. The Thai star is to debut his new song, featuring Mayzin, “Wheels Up,” at the Thursday, April 7th game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Additionally, on Wednesday, April 6, BamBam held a meet and greet at the Thrive City Warriors shop at 10:000 AM for fifty lucky fans! Reportedly, Ahgases lined up as early as 4:00 AM for a chance to see him.

Chase also gifted Ahgases a Golden State Warriors’ 75th-anniversary pennant, discounts, etc. There is also Limited Edition BamBam x Warriors merchandise available! A select few are available online too.

Before both events, BamBam visited the Warriors’ arena, Chase Center, for the first time. He was given an exclusive tour.

Of course, the performer needed to get a look at this stage pre-performance, right?

Being the Warriors’ Global Ambassador certainly comes with perks. BamBam got to watch his favorite players practice too!

BamBam stopped to take photos as well.

He met some of the players too! Of course, everyone who knows BamBam is familiar with his iconic “Young and Rich” persona. The man just radiates it! So, Warriors player Festus Ifeanyi Ezeli shared a clip of teammate Andre Iguodala on his Instagram Stories, admiring BamBam’s fit, including an expensive watch. BamBam even cheekily responded on Twitter!

We can’t blame Andre’s reaction, honestly. That watch looks like something owned by Doctor Strange!

Of course, the moment we have all been waiting for arrived! BamBam and Andrew Wiggins met in person for the first time after the idol helped the athlete become an All-Star starter.

It was cool getting to meet him…I enjoyed it.

— Andrew Wiggins after meeting BamBam

Festus was feeding Ahgases so well by sharing even more behind-the-scenes moments from BamBam’s visit.

| @fezzyfel/Instagram

Wiggins and BamBam are truly an iconic duo!

Previously, Andrew Wiggins expressed his gratitude for BamBam. Read more below:

Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins Thanks GOT7’s BamBam After Becoming NBA All-Star

Source: @ChaseCenter and @TheKateRooney

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