GOT7’s BamBam And The Golden State Warriors Are True Fans Of Each Other

Succesful fans!

Idols are really just like us; they’re fans themselves!

In the case of GOT7‘s BamBam, he is part of fandoms himself, just as Ahgases are fans of his. But not every fandom is, of course, music. For some, they love sports, such as basketball.

GOT7’s BamBam

BamBam recently showed his support for one of his own idols, Stephen Curry (also known as Steph), a professional point guard for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA (the National Basketball Association). He encouraged his followers to vote for Steph in the upcoming 2022 NBA All-Star Game (the 71st NBA AllStar Game).

While the 2022 NBA All-Star Game will occur in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on Sunday, February 20, 2022, voting began on Christmas Day, and BamBam tweeted about it immediately as voting began!

The NBA hosts an annual All-Star Game in February. This is actually the main event of the NBA All-Star Weekend, a three-day event that spans Friday to Sunday. The exhibition features 24 of the league’s star players selected by fans votes. So, like we vote for our favorite K-Pop groups and idols during awards season, basketball fans do the same, as you can vote on the official website or even just by tweeting.

So, obviously, if BamBam wishes for Stephen Curry to go to the All-Star Game, we’re going to make it happen. Of course, anything for you, BamBam!

Still, Ahgases are not the only ones on board with BamBam’s All-Star pick… He got noticed by the official team account for the Warriors, and we love their response!

With BamBam on their side, Steph is guaranteed to make it to the 2022 NBA All-Star Game!

Now, Warriors, can we get BamBam some tickets and maybe a feature? He could perform a halftime show.

We’d love to see it. “AIR” would be a perfect song for the NBA!

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