The Hardest Part Of Promoting In Korea As A Foreign Idol, According To GOT7’s BamBam

It good to see BamBam has never given up!

Since his debut with GOT7 in 2014, BamBam has made a name for himself as one of the most iconic idols from the third generation of K-Pop. It is hard to find someone who has liked K-Pop in recent years who does not know who he is.

GOT7’s BamBam | DAZED Korea

While his career seems smooth sailing, the star recently discussed what he believes is the hardest part of promoting as a foreigner in Korea.

Thai girl group GoyNattyDream sat down with BamBam for a special interview, discussing many parts of the idol’s life, including his desire to make a bigger name in Korea.

In 2021, GOT7 set a new standard after they left JYP Entertainment and established themselves further as solo artists while maintaining their status as a group.

While many of the members immediately seemed to jump into their solo schedules, BamBam initially went through a period of wanting to retire from the industry and only continued after ABYSS Company promised to make him famous in Korea.

BamBam touched on this struggle when asked by one of the interviewers what the most challenging part of being a singer in Korea was. The star revealed that the “acceptance” was what he found to be most challenging.

He continued by saying that he really had to prove his skills to those in Korea, which takes time to do. Besides skills, BamBam stated that another thing he had to prove was that he truly loved Korea.

BamBam has luckily found a lot of success in Korea following his time on Transit Love 2, which you can read more about below.

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Check out the full interview below.