GOT7’s BamBam Reveals It’s Impossible To Have A Girlfriend As An Idol

So he doesn’t do this either.

During the recent episode of Hello Counselor, GOT7‘s BamBam and the cast discussed their driving habits when he revealed that he doesn’t drive. Instead, he prefers to take a taxi.

I don’t drive. I did some calculations. If I take a taxi, it costs me at most around 10,000 won (~$8.38 USD).

— BamBam


Another cast member then proceeded to ask if he needs a car to date in secret as an idol. BamBam immediately replied that he “can’t date in [his] line of work.


The captions on the screen read, “What do you mean girlfriend? I only have eyes for my fans“, as the audience roared in approval and clapped loudly.


It appears BamBam finds it nearly impossible to date as an idol due to the overzealous fans and has come to terms with it.


Despite what he feels, loyal iGOT7s will most likely support BamBam finding happiness with his special someone one day!

Source: DT News 24