GOT7’s BamBam Responds To The Criticism Of His Now-Deleted Instagram Post

Netizens are divided.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, GOT7‘s BamBam uploaded multiple pictures from GOT7’s tour that had taken place in 2018. Although the post seemed intended as a fond throwback, many netizens took offense to the pictures BamBam included of the group’s time in Russia.

BamBam in a picture from his reuploaded post | @bambam1a/Instagram
GOT7’s 2018 world tour poster shows Moscow, Russia as one of many tour stops

Netizens felt that the post was made in poor taste, given Russia’s current large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since the invasion started on February 24, 2022, there have been significant casualties, and many Ukrainian citizens have sought refuge in other countries.

Given the current political situation, many netizens commented their criticism on the post, feeling that BamBam’s inclusion of Russia in his fond reminiscing of the past was too insensitive.

Due to the highly negative reception to his post, BamBam deleted the post. The idol later reuploaded most of the pictures, excluding the ones taken in Russia. Initially, BamBam captioned the new post, “happy now?

Although the caption has since been changed to “old days.”

The idol also took to Twitter to respond to fans’ comments about his initial post. He first apologized to fans who might have been upset with his actions.

if i upset some of u guys

i want to apologize

— @BamBam1A

But also asked netizens about their motivation for responding to his post with so much criticism, pointing out that he had included pictures from many countries.

but…you guys should know

in that post is alot of photos from different country

y’all come attack me like that

do you think is a right thing to do?

— @BamBam1A

BamBam’s tweet was also met with backlash as netizens offended by his initial post didn’t think the idol gave them a proper apology. In contrast, some netizens believed that the idol didn’t need to apologize in the first place since, in their mind, he was sharing old memories and not promoting Russia specifically. They believed the criticism was unwarranted and voiced their support of the idol.

BamBam later tweeted that he doesn’t feel like he can “even think about [his] old memories now” because of the criticism he faced.

This tweet was met with similarly mixed reactions, with some netizens defending the idol and others arguing that he needs to learn from the situation.

At this time, there is no further update.