GOT7’s Jay B And BamBam Take Over Instagram With Burberry

They’re total influencers!

GOT7‘s BamBam and Jay B are taking over Instagram!

GOT7’s BamBam (left) and Jay B (right) | JYP Entertainment

They are doing so with help from Burberry, the iconic British luxury fashion and beauty brand.

Jay B recently posted multiple photos on Instagram, highlighting Burberry’s “The Lola Bag.”

BamBam showed up in the comment section. The average onlooker might not understand BamBam’s comment.

| Instagram

The meaning behind BamBam’s message for Jay B was because he posted a very similar ad to his own feed! BamBam posed with the pink version of The Lola Bag rather than black.

Jay B was amazed too. So, he left a comment on BamBam’s post regarding the similarities.

| Instagram

It may seem like a crazy coincidence. Actually, Burberry currently has a Lola Bag Campaign. And, if you’re curious, a bag costs $2,090 USD.

The evolution of our signature Lola bag – from archetypal styles refreshed in seasonal colours to new mini silhouettes, bucket bags and satchels.

— Burberry

| Burberry

Some other notable celebrities that are participating in the campaign across Instagram are Business Proposal‘s Seol In Ah and Squid Game‘s Wi Ha Jun.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that the GOT7 members are endorsing Burberry too. Jay B and BamBam have frequently rocked items from the brand.

Jay B especially wears Burberry quite frequently.

He always looks so handsome, whether it is casual wear or menswear straight from the runway.

Yet, Jay B and BamBam are not the only GOT7 members to rock Burberry. Yugyeom and Youngjae also have some iconic fits courtesy of the luxury brand.


So, clearly, they are all representatives of the brand. Previously, Jay B and Youngjae attended Burberry’s The Imagined Landscapes in Jeju, featuring the Fall 2021 Menswear Collection.

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