GOT7’s BamBam And Jay B Are Bringing Their Workout Challenge Back

Whose team are you on?

Freedom must do the body good…

Because ever since GOT7 became independent, they have never looked hotter…

And we know a little friendly competition never hurt anyone too. So, two members, in particular, have been working out more than ever. You already know who we’re talking about. Of course, they have not been exercising without some competitive banter to encourage one another.

BamBam | ABYSS Company

It all started back in February. BamBam shared a video of his workout, leaving many of us, including Jay B, in awe.


— Jay B

That day, BamBam teased his leader by replying with a not-so-flattering photo, encouraging him to work out too. Honestly, we see nothing wrong with how he looked.

You should probably work out too hyung, right?

— BamBam

Jay B retorted to the maknae‘s teasing, saying that it was just that angle that was wrong. He does, in fact, work out!

This picture came out weird…also, I’ve been working out, but something came up so I’ve been taking a break.

— Jay B

Since then, it has turned into a friendly competition for Jay B and BamBam, and it is one that Ahgases absolutely love. Why? Because it gives us the occasional update like this…

Jay B’s broad shoulders. |


— Jay B

This clap-back from Jay B back in April only encouraged BamBam more. So, he suggested that they “square up.” 

Oh~ what’s up with my shoulders? I work hard at it even in quarantine. Should we square up some day?

— BamBam

| @bambam1a/Instagram

They kept the smack-talk going that day. They moved their battle from Instagram back to where it all began: Twitter.

Come on.

— Jay B

So far, no other members have joined this competition. They instead are keeping it a one-on-one match. Rather than join, Jackson Wang has been enjoying the free entertainment with Ahgases.

| @JacksonWang852/Twitter

He knows he has nothing to prove! He’s basically overqualified to be a competitor.

Jackson Wang | @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

During the time of BamBam and Jay B’s workout challenge, the instigator revealed that he was really not intimated at all by his “competition.”  He made it very clear that his muscles have more definition and lines than Jay B’s (his words, not ours).

I didn’t know he was going to came to me that hard though … It’s random. I think, you know, his back… it’s cool, it’s big, but, you know, he’s always big. He a big guy. It’s God-given, you know what I mean? But he gained…he have a lot of muscle, but it’s not cut…like I do!

— BamBam


Now, quite a few months have passed. BamBam and Jay B have been very busy men, both releasing their solo albums riBBon and SOMO:FUME, respectively.

Jay B in his solo MV “B.T.W.” | H1GHR MUSIC
BamBam in “riBBon” concept. | ABYSS Company

So, how is the workout challenge coming? Have they called a truce?

Not at all.

On October 14, exactly six months after he accepted BamBam’s workout challenge, Jay B updated on his progress by tweeting a selfie. He went straight to the point, saying, “workout is so hard…”

That was all it took to summon BamBam, and he absolutely did not hold back. He 100% woke up and chose violence.

Exercising once every three weeks is hard.

— BamBam

While that was enough to “cut” even the strongest men (pun intended), Jay B had a great response. We can all relate to the struggle too!

2 weeks ㅎㅎㅎ I got the 2nd vaccine and took a break… ㅠ

— Jay B

We know that it’s all in good fun. And, like Jackson, we enjoy every second of the show!

Check out some funny memes from BamBam and Jay B’s workout challenge below:

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