GOT7’s BamBam Wants To Join SHINee Taemin’s Famous Friend Group

We don’t blame him!

Recently, NCT‘s Ten guested on GOT7 BamBam‘s online show Bam’s House, in which he invites K-Pop idols to his home for interviews and snacks.

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BamBam | 뱀집/YouTube

Remembering that SHINee‘s Key had chosen Ten as one of his favorite younger members, BamBam asked Ten, “Who are your top three older brothers?” Ten struggled, confessing, “It’s difficult. I think members of SHINee are included a lot.” 

First, Ten chose his fellow SuperM member Taemin, followed by Key and TVXQ‘s Yunho. Ten explained that Taemin has helped him a lot, giving him advice.


BamBam: I think your first is Taemin. I think people who are good at dancing like Taemin…

Ten: He’s good at dancing, but he also gives lots of advice to me.

BamBam: Oh, really?

Ten: “I think it’ll be good if you do this.” Do what you want to do.” He talks about those things a lot, so I gain confidence.

So, BamBam guessed Ten’s ranking must be that Taemin is first with Key in second. Ten hesitated, though, worried about potentially offending the SHINee members.


BamBam: You must be feeling thankful. Then, Key is second.

Ten: Yeah… Oh, wait! Long time ago, he told me to be on the right line. Let me think for a while. Hold on. I have to be on the right line.

BamBam: Yeah, you should.

Ten: I’ll choose Key as first… Oh wait.

BamBam: Taemin line isn’t bad.

Ten: I’ll choose Key as first.

BamBam: Why?

Ten: Wait, should I change? I shouldn’t live considering so many things… Then I choose… I’ll choose both of them as first! You know that type of question. Do you like mom or dad more?

Eventually, Ten decided that both Taemin and Key would be his first. He’s making no mistakes!


BamBam: I like mom better.

Ten: Okay… I like both. So, they’re both my first.

BamBam: You’re really being on the right line.

Ten: I’m doing fine. Right?

BamBam highlighted Taemin’s “line,” or his friend group. Ten confessed he likes all the idols in it, which BamBam listed as BTS‘s Jimin, EXO‘s Kai, and, of course, Ten.


BamBam: Taemin line isn’t bad.

Ten: I like all of them.

BamBam: According to what I know, his line members are… Jimin, Kai, and Ten.

Ten: Thank you!

BamBam confessed that he would like to join the group, to which Ten openly welcomed him!


BamBam: It’s already so good? It’s a line I want to be in.

Ten: Come on in!

What an awesome group of idols it already is! BamBam would make a great addition.

Watch the full episode below.

Source: 뱀집