Here Is GOT7 BamBam’s Kindhearted Advice For Fans Who Struggle With Self-Confidence

BamBam is wise beyond his years!

GOT7‘s BamBam is beloved for his “Young and Rich” persona, which entertains many fans. In-person, however, BamBam is more well known for being kind and humble. When faced with how to gain confidence, both of these sides came together to give Singles Korea and fans an incredibly useful answer.

BamBam for Singles Korea | @bamspics/Twitter

The interview was conducted in “WH Questions,” where BamBam would have to answer the Who, What, Where, and so on of each thing asked first before elaborating.

BamBam for Singles Korea | @bamspics/Twitter

This unique style of question provided fans with the initial answer of “Rather than confidence, BamBam always appreciates what he has around him.”

After getting his “WHs” out of the way, BamBam proceeded with his advice to the fan who submitted this question.

It is important to gain confidence, but it’s also important not to attempt too much and appreciate what I have now. If you know how valuable what you have is, you will naturally be happy. You’ll be positive against everything.


BamBam continued the advice by explaining that “Some people feel jealous about what others have even though they already have something good enough. They look for some other things.”

But with wisdom much beyond his years, BamBam explained why those jealous people struggle and how to avoid that struggle yourself.

It’s good to crave something, but it’s not good to attempt too much. If you think you’re being greedy, take away your greed and look back at what you have and enjoy it.


BamBam ended his advice on a high point, truly summing up his sentiment well.

The new things will naturally come after you know the value of things around you. People will become positive and gain confidence.


BamBam may be “Young and Rich,” but he continues to prove that he understands the value of those riches and is able to share his values with others. To see more from BamBam’s interview, check out the video below: