GOT7’s BamBam Turns Into Mark’s “Delivery Boy,” And Jay B Already Has A Complaint

The Twitter shenanigans continue.

GOT7‘s BamBam came out to show his support for Mark, but ended up being charged with making a personal delivery service for him.


Mark | @marktuan/Twitter

As Mark prepares for the release of his new solo album The Other Side on August 26, he is being reminded that Ahgases will always be there to support him. And of course, no one is a bigger Ahgase than his own members!

On August 24, BamBam logged on to Twitter—not to cause chaos, but to send out a wholesome tweet in support of Mark. Mark had sent him a signed copy of The Other Side, so BamBam tweeted a picture of the album saying, “Me and IGOT7s will always support what you do bro.”

Mark retweeted the sweet message and replied with his heartfelt thanks. But he also had a request… He asked BamBam to please deliver his signed albums to the other members.

As expected, BamBam had the perfect gif with which to respond to Mark’s request. He replied with a gif of a mailman smiling while delivering a package.

For one, Ahgases were amused at the fact that Mark and BamBam’s exchange was happening on Twitter rather than on their group chat…

…but the sudden flood of “delivery boy BamBam” memes soon became the focus of attention.

Jay B soon waded in to “call BamBam out” for not having received his album yet…

…and even further fuelled the hilarious BamBam memes.

Both BamBam and Ahgases never pass up on an opportunity to poke fun at each other with Twitter memes, and each time the content is gold—especially when his members are involved!

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GOT7’s BamBam Returns To Twitter After Hiatus With Vengeance For Jay B