GOT7’s BamBam Names A Girl Group Member As His New Ideal Type Over His Long Term Ultimate Bias

Did you expect BamBam to choose her?

Through the years, one thing about GOT7‘s BamBam has never changed — his love for his ultimate bias and ideal type Girl’s Generation‘s Taeyeon.

GOT7’s BamBam (right) and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | @BamBam1A/Twitter

Just last year, BamBam showed off how big of a fanboy he still is when he had to act as host alongside Taeyeon at the 2022 BEST OF BEST CONCERT in Bangkok, Thailand. Fans loved how flustered he got after all these years!

However, BamBam recently revealed that there is a fourth-generation idol that he likes as an ideal type over his bias!

On the newest episode of Bam House, YouTube personality Poongja joined BamBam for drinks and conversation.

BamBam brings up Taeyeon first, saying that he’s been her fan since 2010, but he likes two new idols these days, aespa’s Winter and NewJeans‘s Haerin, saying that “listening to their songs heals me.


BamBam then suggests that they do an ideal type “world cup,” to which Poongja readily agrees. When Poongja asks BamBam who he would pick between Winter and Karina of aespa, BamBam surprisingly picks Karina!

When asked to give his reasoning, BamBam explains that he is picking from a “fan’s perspective.”

Poongja then asks him to pick Karina or Taeyeon. Most shockingly, BamBam picks Karina, making Poongja laugh, saying he is unpredictable.

While this was just all in good fun, BamBam’s flustered reactions were too funny! You can check out the full episode below!