GOT7’s BamBam And Pink Sweat$ Confirm That They Are Actually Collaborating After All

It’s been in the works for a while!

What do GOT7‘s BamBam and American R&B artist Pink Sweat$ have in common?

GOT7’s BamBam | @bambam1a/Instagram
Pink Sweat$ | @realpinksweats/Twitter

Amazing music artists…

They both look good in pink, obviously!

| @realpinksweats/Twitter

And now they’re about to be on the same track?!

Fans of these artists have been speculating about a collab for these two all year. Some theorized that something was in the works as early as February, ever since Pink Sweat$ talked about his friendship with BamBam during an interview with Eazy FM 105.5 posted by TeroRadioChannel.

I want my boy BamBam! He from Thailand. He in GOT7. We be texting like talking about doing something together. Hopefully, it’ll happen.

— Pink Sweat$

Still, nothing seemed to come about. For one, Pink Sweat$ was nowhere to be seen when BamBam’s solo album riBBon came out in June.

So, fans low-key gave up on the possibilities of a collab. Still, Pink Sweat$ teased that it might be too soon just yet to call it quits and lose hope.

It’s been a while, though, since anyone brought it back up. Then just a few days ago, Pink Sweat$ responded to an Ahgase’s post about his potential collaboration with BamBam. Suspicious!

Now, finally, after many months of waiting, we have some answers. Pink Sweat$ officially confirmed that he and BamBam are indeed working on something together!

Fans finally have their prayers heard and answered, and the collab is on its way.

Naturally, we trended “PINKxBAMBAM” on Twitter. We’re that excited!

| Twitter

Not only that, but BamBam has changed his profile picture on Instagram… He now has a pink background!

| @bambam1a/Instagram

This wouldn’t be the first K-Pop idol Pink Sweat$ has collabed with. He recently worked with Jeon Somi on “XOXO.”

And, who can forget Pink Sweat$’s “17” featuring SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua and DK? Iconic!

He’s also buddies with DAY6‘s Jae! They regularly interact with each other on Twitter.

Pink Sweat$ is definitely one of us. He loves all kinds of music, especially K-Pop. He’s been a fan for years, and he always shares videos for when idols cover his songs.

Pink Sweat$ is also definitely an ARMY too!

He even reposted a fancam of BTS‘s Jimin that used his song “Call Me.”

So, we can’t be more excited about this collaboration, knowing BamBam and Pink Sweat$ are not just great friends but fans of each other! Their energy matches so well too.

Source: Twitter (1) and (2)