GOT7’s BamBam Played Unreleased Song And Spoiled One He’s Working On During Live Broadcast

We can’t wait for BamBam’s music to be released! 😰

Before going to bed tonight, GOT7‘s BamBam held a live broadcast. He caught up with Ahgases and listened to songs with them.


BamBam revealed that he has been working every day, recording new music. He shared a short snippet of a beat from one of the new songs that he is working on.

It was just “a little taste,” as BamBam said, but from what we did hear, it’s so soothing! Some fans believe that BamBam worked with producer Murda Beatz on the track because the snippet of the producer tag heard sounds like his. He has previously worked with numerous popular Western music artists, such as Migos and Travis Scott.

BamBam continued to share music with us as he also played an unreleased song that he had produced titled “Sometimes.” He had worked on a few songs for GOT7’s 2017 album 7 for 7 but only “Remember You” made it in.

While he only played the songs very briefly, they both sound amazing. We can’t wait for BamBam to release his own music!

Source: BAMBAM