GOT7’s BamBam Proves He Knows All Of Ahgases’ Inside Jokes And Memes

BamBam sees everything! 😂

GOT7‘s BamBam is the king of Twitter.

He’s the most followed K-Pop idol on the bird app, and we can see why.

He’s super active, whether it’s posting about his music…

…or promoting his friends’ music.

Of course, he also spends some time just straight-up clowning his members

Ahgases can also always count on BamBam to respond to their comments.

He even looks to them for advice because he knows Ahgases likewise will always respond!

BamBam woke up early today and the first thing he did? He wished his followers a “Good Morning!” 

He stuck around for a bit, responding to Ahgases’ comments. He even offered some motivation to those on the struggle bus today.

He answered questions, one asking what he was making for breakfast. Chicken wings are an interesting choice.

He wished an Ahgase a… heartfelt… “happy birthday?!”

He went deep into fan Twitter, too, because he even saw some of the fans’ edits like these beautiful lockscreens. Imagine the man on your lockscreen telling you he likes your lockscreen.

BamBam teased his plans for Yugyeom‘s birthday (which is officially today, by the way)! We can’t wait to see what kind of meme he’ll post this time.

He really stays teasing his members. Jinyoung can’t catch a break at all after Yumi’s Cells.

But, hey, Ahgases gotta give BamBam a taste of his own medicine too… He, of course, finds it just as funny as we do, though!

BamBam also gives encouragement to Ahgases who feel down but in his own unique BamBam type of way.

An Ahgase asked BamBam to send “some good vibes” because they “had a bad day at work.” BamBam’s response? He shared another Ahgase’s edit of GOT7 on TikTok, featuring BamBam himself with the TikTok audio saying, “f*ck this job!” 

Ahgases were shocked to see that BamBam knew about this fan’s edit! So, clearly, BamBam has been spending some time on Ahgase TikTok and has even saved some videos to his phone.

Now, this wouldn’t be the first time that BamBam reposted a fan edit on Twitter. In fact, many of his birthday posts for the members are Ahgase-created memes.

So, he will likely further prove our point later when he posts for Yugyeom’s birthday!

Watch the original TikTok below:


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