GOT7’s BamBam Responds To Hate Comments Made By Event Staff

BamBam was even accused of nepotism.

GOT7‘s BamBam recently responded to hate comments, causing an uproar among iGOT7s (Ahgases).

BamBam | @bambam1a/Instagram

BamBam posted a cryptic tweet in Thai. In his post, he wondered publicly what “bad” thing he had done to warrant so much hate.

In the context of BamBam’s tweet, he recently performed at the 2023 countdown event in Pattaya, Thailand. He performed alongside other K-Pop artists, such as 2NE1‘s Dara (also known as Sandara Park) and Sunmi.

He made sacrifices so he would be able to perform at the countdown festival, which is a free concert for the public to attend. So, as always, he chose with the fans’ best interest in mind.

However, some netizens still found reasons to hate on him. Notably, a staff member of the event organizers posted on TikTok.

| @hongthayban/TikTok

The person commented about BamBam, saying that although there were so many people due to his appearance, he would not be invited back. He claimed that BamBam was only invited in the first place due to nepotism (his brother, Bank, also known as Chindanai Bhuwakul, is a famous hip-hop dance choreographer).


BamBam brought in a huge crowd by performing in Pattaya. Many who attended were there for him, as evident by the green sea as Ahgases brought their lightsticks.

Ahgases (fans of GOT7, also known as iGOT7) responded to the negative comments made by the TikTok user. They pointed out the hypocrisy and tagged the event organizer Mono Entertain and BamBam’s brother.

Ahgases are also doing their best to express their love and support for BamBam after his tweet.

The OP (Original Poster) who made offensive comments about BamBam has since turned off commenting on his TikTok videos (not his Stories, though). He has since also shared a few posts to his Stories, apologizing for his past comments.

Source: BamBam1A

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