GOT7’s BamBam Reveals How The Concept Of “riBBon” Has Improved His Everyday Life

BamBam is too precious!

GOT7’s BamBam recently dropped his solo album riBBon and Ahgases (GOT7’s fans) can’t get enough of it! To give some insight into the album and his career as a soloist, BamBam held an online press conference. 


During his press conference, BamBam shared his goals for his music as well as his personal desire for his fans to be able to truly enjoy his songs.

As it’s my first-time solo, I want to win first place on a music show, and I hope more people learn about BamBam. My personality itself is bright so I hope that many people enjoy themselves through my songs.

— BamBam


As he previously mentioned, BamBam’s personality is overall energetic and radiant. Despite his already optimistic mindset, BamBam shared that the song’s bright concept helped improve his everyday life.

Doing this kind of concept helped me become brighter in my everyday life. I was already bright but I’ve become brighter, I smile a lot more, and I don’t really get stressed. Through this concept, I also think I’ve gained a lot of energy.

— BamBam


I think it’s safe to say that BamBam’s new music has brought everyone a lot of joy and bright energy!

Check out BamBam’s music video for “riBBon” below:

Source: News 1 Korea


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