Rihanna “Scares” GOT7’s BamBam With A 2012 Tweet

Watch out BamBam! 😂😂

BamBam‘s Twitter creeping strikes again!

BamBam | @GOT7Official

GOT7‘s BamBam replied to an old tweet featuring his hashflag from Barbados local and make-up mogul, Rihanna! GOT7 recently came back with “NaNaNa” following their departure from JYP Entertainment and a one and a half year hiatus. As part of the group’s promotions for the album, each group member’s name was assigned a hashflag on Twitter featuring their face and fans have been enjoying using them. Hashflags only appear for a predetermined amount of time and any tweets (past and present) that use the hashtag will also show the new hashflag.

GOT7 member faces showing up next to the hashtags. | @melodyluhhh/Twitter

BamBam is known for spending time on Twitter and enjoys tweeting memes, responding to fans, and making fun of the other members of GOT7. Members of the group (BamBam, Youngjae, and Mark) also were the first K-Pop artists to meet with Twitter Co-Founders Jack and Biz! The members of the group gifted Jack and Biz a GOT7 lightstick and mini figurines of themselves!

BamBam is known for his love and consideration for fans, and shows that on social media as well! Often, BamBam replies to fans that haven’t tagged him in their tweet! These days no one is safe from Twitter King BamBam!

It should be no surprise that BamBam managed to find Rihanna’s tweet! Rihanna is known for her no-nonsense image and over the years has made it clear that people should never mess with her, especially on social media! The tweet was made in 2012, well before BamBam’s debut in GOT7!

BamBam is someone who always has something funny to say, and this time is no different. The new hashflag that now appears on the Tweet adds some comedy to Rihanna’s original tweet. BamBam’s reply is hilarious and definitely on brand to all the fans that saw the exchange.

This is not Rihanna’s first experience with K-Pop: The singer was photographed with Blackpink‘s Jennie at a Fenty Beauty Event in South Korea in 2019. Fans went wild after images made their way to social media.

Rihanna (left) and Blackpink’s Jennie (right) | @iiiivy.w | Instagram

Rihanna has not yet replied to BamBam as the singer has been absent from Twitter following the birth of her first child with A$AP Rocky. Hopefully BamBam gets his reply soon!

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