GOT7’s Bambam Reveals Why He Wrote “Under The Sky” For His Solo Album, And The Reason Will Have You Soft

He talked about the song, and shared why he wrote it!

GOT7‘s Bambam made his solo debut with the mini-album riBBon, which includes the self-written song “Under The Sky”. Bambam recently revealed many things about the song, such as that the song was originally a ballad, and also revealed why he wrote the song in the first place!

Bambam | Abyss Company

In a behind-the-scenes video of the album highlight melody uploaded recently, Bambam introduces the songs in his album, showing all the colorful sets that suit the songs perfectly!

He gives a brief introduction to each song, and when he gets to “Under The Sky”, he reveals that it’s a song he made in early 2020, and revealed why he decided to change the arrangement from a ballad to a more R&B style!

I made it in the early 2020s. I personally wanted to try that genre- ballad. What you’re hearing now is…an arranged version. The original was too “ballad”; it didn’t fit the other songs [in the album]. It still has the ballad vibe, though. I arranged it with R&B and gospel.


Bambam then revealed that this song took a lot of time and effort, and he expects people to be surprised because the song focuses on his singing style the most!

I expect people to be surprised. I was a rapper, you know? It took a lot of time and effort. It’s a song for you[fans] and the 7 of us[members].


He then shared what led him to write “Under The Sky” in the first place!

I wanted to soothe everyone. I know they’re all happy now. But…it wasn’t like that back then. So I made this.


Bambam made his solo debut with the album riBBon, and title track of the same name. “Under The Sky” is a song from this album, which you can listen to here!

And you can watch him talk about the song here!