GOT7’s BamBam Spills The Biggest “TMI” Ever… As He Tweets From The Restroom

No one is as real as BamBam…

GOT7‘s BamBam is a known Twitter menace. He is never afraid to keep things real, and his latest update shows just how comfortable he is with Ahgase.

GOT7’s BamBam

BamBam has always had a special relationship with fans that allows him to be very upfront and honest with them, often in the most hilarious way. Recently, for example, he had fans cracking up with his comedic response to their ‘cheating’ on him. Since BamBam is known to always be lurking on Twitter, it was almost not surprising that he found out about the ‘fancams’ and pictures that Ahgases had taken of one of his handsome dancers.

Unable to accept that, BamBam posted the perfect meme in response…

…and even went on to tease fans further by posting a picture with the dancer in question, joking that he would “let him rest for 3 months before he steals my fandom.”

Of course, Ahgases didn’t fail to reassure him that he will always be their Number 1, though BamBam already knows that they’ll always be there to support him. And of course, to have plenty of meme-based fun with him too! Especially as he gets real about the most unexpected topics…

On August 2, BamBam took to Twitter and posted perhaps the most ‘TMI’ of all TMIs. Tweeting a hilarious gif of the fiery effects of eating spicy food, he wrote, Do u know this feeling..? When u had something spicy and go to rest room the next day.” He then curiously added, (tweet in restroom).”

Fans hilariously demanded evidence to prove he wasn’t lying about being in the restroom…

And while he did not submit any pictures, he did reply with yet another hilarious gif, seemingly confirming that he really was suffering in there.

Fans also commented that his bestie Stray KidsBang Chan was sure to relate to him, as the other day he had spent a considerable time during his live broadcast suffering from the effects of spicy noodles.

Yet, chances are not many idols would venture to tweet about being in the restroom dealing with digestive issues! Which is, of course, why Ahgases love BamBam—he is the definition of ‘keeping it real’!