GOT7 BamBam’s Tour Costume Is Designed By A Fan

He chose out of many submissions!

GOT7‘s BamBam recently kicked off his first solo tour, 2023-2024 BamBam THE 1ST WORLD TOUR [AREA 52], in Seoul.

BamBam’s first concert of 2023-2024 BamBam THE 1ST WORLD TOUR [AREA 52]
Of BamBam’s stage outfits, he has an outstanding costume fit for the space-themed tour.


Ahead of the tour, BamBam expressed his desire for an astronaut-like outfit to wear during his concerts. So, he sought help from his besties, Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom, also known as iGOT7).

Many Ahgases delivered some phenomenal designs. Sure enough, one lucky fan’s creative design was selected.

The Ahgase in question is @CholorSplash. They made a detailed design that captured everyone’s attention, including BamBam.

It’s now come to life, and BamBam has worn it already during the tour, which has only just begun.

In BamBam’s next stop on his tour, he went to Manila. While meeting his fans, he confirmed that an Ahgase designed the iconic black and red costume. He loved so many Ahgases’ submissions, so he struggled to decide.

BamBam revealed that he intends to pay the chosen designer for their creativity and hard work. He wants to thank them by gifting them a VVIP experience at one of his shows.

He would also like to continue collaborating with Ahgases. We hope they can meet!