GOT7 BamBam Is Treated Like A King In His Home Country Thailand

GOT7 members said that BamBam is treated like a king in Thailand.

GOT7 members said that BamBam was treated like a King in his homeland Thailand and that he was basically a prince.


This was said after Jung Hyung Don announced that GOT7 was ranked #2 on a survey ranking top role models of Thai children. #1 was their parents!


With GOT7’s popularity in Thailand consistently on the rise, the fans are especially proud of BamBam as he was born and raised in the country.


BamBam became a little embarrassed when the members showered him with praise, but Jung Hyung Don continued, “I heard when BamBam goes to Thailand, he doesn’t get out of the plane until the airport is in complete chaos (by crowds of fans).”


JB added that BamBam never forgets to post on his SNS before going to Thailand.


Nonetheless, BamBam and GOT7’s popularity in Thailand is no lie! The chaos is real!

Source: Mydaily