GOT7’s BamBam And BLACKPINK’s Lisa Prove They Are Like Family As His Sister Shares A Throwback Picture

They are true besties!

Even though they don’t get to make many public appearances together, GOT7‘s BamBam and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa have been friends since childhood.

BamBam and Lisa | @bambam1a/Instagram

The two of them became friends when they were members of the same dance group as kids. Over the years, fans have dug up a bit of their past, showing a young Lisa and BamBam with their crew.

Thankfully, they got to continue their friendship in Korea, first as trainees and then as K-Pop idols. They reunited as fully debuted professionals to promote AIS, the leading mobile network provider in Thailand.

Lisa and BamBam

The reunion gave fans hilarious flashbacks of past Lisa and BamBam interactions…

… proving nothing really changes much. The two besties went on to film an iconic advertisement for the company, turning into futuristic spy-like characters (who are naturally also besties).

Now, BamBam’s sister is providing a reminder of just how close Lisa is to his family. On July 19, she was asked by fans to share a picture with Lisa, since they are also childhood friends. Digging into her archives, she pulled up two adorable pictures with her.

She originally posted one of them to congratulate Lisa on her debut in 2016…

While they probably get to see each other even less than Lisa and BamBam, it’s nice to see how close they all are! BamBam’s sister has not only posted pictures with Lisa before…

… but she and their mom have been showing support for Lisa’s BLACKPINK activities on several occasions. Hopefully, we’ll get to see them all reunited soon!

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