GOT7 Become The First K-Pop Artist To Sellout A Concert In Russia

GOT7’s Moscow concert has made K-Pop history.

GOT7‘s Moscow show was not only GOT7’s first concert in Russian; it’s also the first one a K-Pop artist has ever sold out.


The highly-anticipated show took place on June 6 at the Adrenaline Stadium in Moscow. It lasted about 3 hours, but will go on in the hearts of Russian iGOT7s forever.


The concert is part of GOT7’s second world tour, EYES ON YOU, which began on May 4 in Seoul and will end in Hong Kong on August 24. So far, GOT7 has already hit up Seoul, Bangkok, Berlin, and Paris, in addition to Moscow. The next show will be taking place in Taipei, on June 16.


When GOT7 announced the Moscow concert date, back in February, their Russian fans were thrilled, as proved by their ticket purchases. Capacity for the Russian concert venue is listed 7000-10,000 and GOT7s filled up every single seat.

“Moscow. It was a memorable concert, thank you so much and we will be back. It was so fun and so lucky to have you all.”  — Jackson‘s Instagram post.


On the day of the concert, thousands of screaming fans cheered and chanted while illuminating Adrenaline Stadium with light sticks.


They had the time of their lives, singing and dancing along to hits like “Hard Carry” and “Skyway”.


They have earned their own bragging rights. These lucky iGOT7s are now, officially, the first Russian fans to ever see GOT7 on Russian soil!


That said, these will most likely not be the last Russian fans to attend a GOT7 concert. GOT7’s Moscow performance was so successful that #GOT7inMoscow trended on Twitter, following the concert.


A Russian magazine featuring GOT7 was also found in stores soon after the show.


Check out part of GOT7’s legendary performance here!

Source: Nate Pann