Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Promoted GOT7 In Interview, But Hosts Focused On BTS Instead

ARMY and Ahgase are both divided on the issue.

As one of the top trending topics on Twitter, K-Pop was one of the hot topics in a recent interview between Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, and The Courage & Nadeshot Show. This topic, however, has been sparking a lot of mixed reactions based on the hosts’ focus.

When the topic changed from gaming to K-Pop during the interview, Jack was quick to talk about one of his favorite groups — GOT7.

Image: #TwitterBlueRoom interview with GOT7

Yeah, K-Pop. GOT7! BamBam!

— Jack Dorsey

Jack is well-known in the fandom for his love of GOT7 and it’s always seemed fitting to fans that the CEO of the “bird app” is also a certified Ahgase or “baby bird” too. Since meeting during a #TwitterBlueRoom interview in 2019, Jack has continued to show his love for GOT7 and has even been spotted attending their concert and snapping some pictures together backstage!

After mentioning GOT7 for the first time, the hosts asked Jack about BTS and ARMY. Jack respectfully acknowledging their achievements and fanbase, before continuing to talk about GOT7 pointing out the high engagement of the fanbase as well as giving a special shoutout to BamBam.

We had an amazing visit with GOT7 as well. With BamBam, who’s incredible. So they have an extremely engaged fanbase as well.

— Jack Dorsey

While fans are absolutely loving Jack’s responses, both Ahgase and ARMY aren’t very happy with the hosts’ focus. Despite Jack talking about GOT7, the hosts continually brought the focus back to BTS and ARMY throughout the interview.

BTS ARMY share this right now! Seoul tour!

Do you support BTS ARMY?

Jack Dorsey is a BTS stan!

— The Courage & Nadeshot Show

The focus has been receiving many mixed reactions from fans. On the one hand, ARMY feel that the hosts only used BTS and ARMY for clout especially since they tagged the group in a Twitter clip despite the focus being mainly on GOT7.

On the other, Ahgase feel that the hosts’ focus on BTS was not only disrespectful to GOT7 but also to BTS and both fandoms.

Many fans from both fandoms, however, believe that the hosts were simply ignorant on the subject as The Courage & Nadeshot Show is known mainly for delving into the topic of gaming.

Despite the controversy created by the hosts’ focus, ARMY have been sending Jack Dorsey a whole lot of love for respectfully touching on BTS while continuing to show his passion for GOT7 while Ahgase have been sending him a whole lot of love for promoting GOT7 again.

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