GOT7 Celebrates Their 7th Debut Anniversary And Expresses Their Appreciation For Loyal Ahgases

Happy anniversary GOT7!

JYP Entertainment‘s widely popular GOT7 made their debut with their hit song “Girls Girls Girls” on January 16th, 2014From there on, the group has been nothing but successful.

In celebration of their 7th debut anniversary, GOT7 shared a special video that takes the fans through all their great memories. Playing in the background of the video was GOT7’s song “Playground.”

It was officially confirmed on January 11 that the group members would be parting from JYP; however, the members comforted their fans by posting several social media posts with the hashtag “#GOT7FOREVER.”

| @bambam1a/Instagram

Continuing to communicate with their fans, several GOT7 members expressed their gratitude for their fan’s loving and supporting them over the years through social media.



7 years already.
It has been almost a decade since I got to Korea
Thank you all sincerely for watching me grow and mature
I always say this, but I will keep trying so that I can show you the better sides of me.
Thank you so much for having supported and encouraged me all this time. T-T
I promise I’ll become an artist to make you proud.

— Jackson




We debuted 7 years ago and met our AhGaSe. Thank you for having been by our side all this time. We had so many moments of happiness, sadness, joy, and anger… and all of them are going to be great memories. Let’s keep making more with the seven of us! Thank you, AhGaSe!

— Mark

Happy 7th debut anniversary to GOT7!