GOT7’s Choreographers Explain The Genius Intention Behind The “Look” Choreography

“This was one shocking idol performance…”

In a new AYO “Comment Defenders” video on YouTube, two veteran K-Pop choreographers explained how they came up with the clever choreography for GOT7‘s hit song “Look”.

Lee Dabin and Lee Junwoo are both chief choreographers at LOOK, a dance team known for working with EXO, SHINee, SEVENTEEN, and more. They’ve also worked with GOT7 in the past, choreographing a dance that one fan found particularly impressive.

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Personally, this was one shocking idol performance. Usually choreography is made from the front view, and for this one, the side and the back becomes the front, amazing.

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The choreographers instantly knew which track the viewer was referring to, perhaps because they share a name: “Look”.

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For over two years, fans have been in awe of how “Look” looks amazing no matter what angle you’re watching from. And, according to the choreography team, that was intentional.

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Lee Dabin explained that since “Look” shares a name with LOOK dance team, they saw this choreography as the perfect opportunity to show their unique color—and the unique colors of all the members. They also wanted to create something that looked great for all fans.

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Lee Junwoo went on to elaborate, noting that when fans watch a performance, they’re all seated at completely different angles. Depending on where you are in the venue, you might only get to see the side or back of a member’s head.

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As such, Lee Dabin says they decided to “make it look like each member is on a different stage“. To do so, they positioned all the members at different viewpoints throughout the choreography, drawing everything together with clever formations.

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We thought, “We wanna show this and that way, variously! Ah~ then let’s dance here and here, and turn around here, naturally~”

— Lee Junwoo

Often, when choreographers create dances for K-Pop groups, they must compete with several other dance teams to secure the contract. This was the case for “Look” too. To set themselves apart from the competitors, Lee Dabin and Lee Junwoo sent their draft proposal to JYP Entertainment with their own camera direction to show off what made the dance unique.

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Lee Dabin believes that this enabled them to show off the intention they wanted to express better, which may be the reason the company picked their dance over several others.

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We’re so happy to hear [you think it’s] “amazing”.

— Lee Dabin and Lee Junwoo

Source: AYO (YouTube)