GOT7 Completely Stopped Their Performance After Fans Did This

Worried for the safety of fans, GOT7 were forced to stop mid-performance when the crowd was starting to get a bit too out of control.

On March 18th, GOT7 performed at the 2017 SGC (Seoul Girls Collection) SUPER LIVE IN SEOUL along with Rain, SEVENTEEN, T-ARA, and DAY6.

During GOT7’s “Hard Carry” performance, several fans in the pit area got a bit carried away and started pushing their way forward. The pushing soon became out of control as it caused the fence barricade to move.

If you look closely, you could see how the right side began to fill up as fans pushed their way toward the stage.

The members could be seen having a hard time fully focusing on their performance as they kept glancing at that side of the pit uneasily and worried about the safety of the fans.

In fact, Jinyoung even stopped dancing for a moment to ask fans to back up.

However, the crowd still wasn’t able to be handled and GOT7 continued the performance while exchanging eye contact with the staff. Eventually, the staff decided to cut off the music to control the situation.

Staff members in the pit could be seen making “X’s” with their arms, signaling the GOT7 members to stop the performance and exit the stage.

Youngjae returned to the stage moments later, kindly asking fans to please take a few steps back.

The staff also told fans that GOT7 won’t be performing any of their other stages if they continued to push as GOT7 had another schedule to attend afterward.

After the security fixed the fence and the fans calmed down, GOT7 came back out again to finish their “Hard Carry” performance and as well as the rest of their stages.

Watch the full video of what happened below!