GOT7 continuing “Hard Carry” promotions without Youngjae

JYP Entertainment has delivered unfortunate news to fans in a recent announcement on their website regarding GOT7 member Youngjae.

On October 20th, JYP Entertainment revealed that due to health reasons, Youngjae will be unable to appear in upcoming stages and events with the group as scheduled.

Youngjae and Jackson will also not be present at the fan sign event as well due to other issues, not related to their health.

JYP Entertainment has since released a full statement about Youngjae’s condition, explaining why he will not be able to promote with the group.

“Youngjae will be unable to attend M! Countdown and the fan meeting on October 20, 2016 due to health reasons. We are sorry to break this news to all the fans who love GOT7.

Youngjae will be taking a leave in order to recover. The six members, excluding Youngjae, will be attending M! Countdown, and five members, excluding Youngjae and Jackson, will be at the fan sign.

If there are further schedule changes, we will notify fans.

We are again sorry to all the fans who were excited for their performance and fansign event, and we will do our best to help Youngjae recover.

Thank you.”

— JYP Entertainment

Source: JYP Entertainment

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