GOT7 dances to the sped up version of “Hard Carry” on “Weekly Idol”

GOT7 executed perfect teamwork as they accepted the challenge to dance to sped up versions of their tracks on Weekly Idol. 

On September 28th, MBC’s Weekly Idol featured GOT7 as they continue their promotional activities for their comeback. The members first hyped their appearance with an attempt on the “Random Play Dance” challenge.

To make up for their performance on the challenge, GOT7 decided to dance to a sped up version of their latest track, “Hard Carry.” The original version of the track is already choreographed with intricate moves, but the members managed to carry out smoothly when they performed on a faster speed.

GOT7 were praised for their perfect execution and received admiration from the MCs.

Check out the full performance below.

Source: Dispatch