GOT7’s Jackson Reveals His Plans For 2021 And Beyond

He shared his goals in a new interview.

It’s a new year, and GOT7‘s Jackson is planning to make the most of it.


Last week, all seven GOT7 members left JYP Entertainment to sign with new agencies. The members plan to pursue group activities and solo activities under their new respective labels. Jackson is now managed by TEAM WANG, in partnership with Younjae‘s new agency, Sublime Artist Agency for global activities.


The future is looking bright for this multi-talented star who, in addition to releasing new music, also launched his own premium fashion brand, Team Wang Design, last year. On January 17, he released a new all-black collection called The Velvet.

The velvet that personifies the entire collection is a fabric full of strength and emotion, yet soft like skin.

— Jackson, British Vogue

In a new interview with British Vogue, Jackson discussed The Velvet, his brand, time management, the 2020 pandemic, and more.


It was a year of patience and being focused. Because of travel restrictions and not being able to do a lot of the things we normally do, we took a step back and focused on the important missions in hand, hence we launched Team Wang Design.

— Jackson, British Vogue

He also revealed his hopes for the future.

In 2021, we will introduce our Cookies 2 — The Velvet. I will be releasing new music in the coming months, which I can’t wait to share. I hope to keep growing and exploring.

— Jackson, British Vogue

Check out Jackson’s new collection here:

Source: British Vogue