GOT7’s Jackson Wang And Afgan Explain How Their Collaboration “M.I.A” Came About

After meeting at a show, Jackson and Afgan became friends.

Indonesian singer-songwriter Afgan recently released his song, “M.IA,” with GOT7‘s Jackson Wang. In an interview with KVIBES, they shared how their friendship formed and the collaboration happened.

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Jackson and Afgan both expressed that everything developed very organically. Jackson said that, after they met, the two quickly became friends and would talk about a lot. Eventually, they began to discuss music.

We became friends. We first met in Korea and then we started to link and then we talked on phones. We connect, talk about a lot of stuff, we talked about life, and then we talk about music and then… it was a very natural conversation and then it happened to, you know, we just thought it would be interesting and fun to make music together and then that’s how it happened.

— Jackson Wang

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Afgan and Jackson met backstage at a show that both he and GOT7 were performing at in Seoul. After talking through Instagram, Afgan asked Jackson if he would like to feature on one of his songs.

We met in 2019. We met back in Seoul. I did a show there and actually, GOT7 was also performing there so we met backstage and we talked for a bit and then we linked through Instagram. We just talk and I was like, ‘I actually have a song that would be great if you can be in it,’ you know, so I was like, ‘Just send it over’ and I shoot him over the song and he liked it right away and he said, ‘I’m gonna do it.’

— Afgan

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Afgan revealed that they both had finished their parts on the song for a while, but due to complications from the pandemic, they couldn’t release it until now.

Actually, I did my part back in 2019 in the States and he did his part last year so we finished it last year, but the pandemic happened, and then we have to hold it for like a year, and I’m just so excited that it’s finally here and all of you can hear it.

| Afgan/YouTube

You can watch their interview below:

Source: KVIBES