GOT7 Jackson Hospitalized Due To Exhaustion, Will Not Participate In This Weekend’s Activities

Jackson is receiving professional care to recover from his extreme exhaustion.

JYP Entertainment released an official statement regarding GOT7‘s Jackson seeking medical treatment. Jackson has been hospitalized for exhaustion.


The announcement excused Jackson from scheduled appearances on April 7th through 8th.

“Hi, this is JYP Entertainment.

Jackson will not be able to join the events on April 7th through 8th because of health issues.

1) April 7th (Saturday)
– Fan Sign Event
– GOT7 X LieV – GOT7’s LieV

2) April 8th (Sunday)
– Fan Sign Event

Jackson’s recovery is our main concern. We decided he won’t be able to participate in the events because he needs to rest and heal. We apologize for this sudden announcement to all the fans who have been looking forward to the events to meet Jackson. Should there be additional changes made to Jackson’s schedule, we will announce it as soon as we are aware. We promise to do our best to help Jackson recover and become healthy again. Thank you.”


Jackson was also unable to shoot the final episode of the Chinese reality show, Idol Producer, where he is a rap instructor.


Regarding this, Team Wang on Weibo also posted announcements about Jackson’s current status.

“Instructor Jackson worked hard during rehearsals to show his best to everyone, however he suddenly fell ill due to poor health and was sent to the hospital. It is unfortunate he can’t participate in the final episode of Idol Producer but no matter the results, Jackson promised to be on stage again in the future. Fans, don’t worry about him. He has been sent to the hospital for medical treatment. The next time we all see Jackson, he will be healthy.”


Fans were shocked and worried to hear Jackson has been hospitalized again, as this isn’t the first time Jackson fell sick. In 2017, Jackson had to halt promotions to rest under doctor’s orders. To the growing concerns from fans, Team Wang added a second announcement, explaining he is going to be okay.

“Thank you everyone for your concerns about Jackson. He overworked and his body has become exhausted. He is now in the hospital and received an examination and treatment. He is currently resting, please don’t worry about his health and do not believe any rumors.”


Get well soon, Jackson!

Source: JYP Entertainment