GOT7 Jackson Reveals That His Audition Was “Wack”

Someone must have been impressed!

In the recent episode of Dive Studio‘s podcast “GET REAL,” GOT7‘s Jackson revealed the story behind his audition for JYP Entertainment. 

Speaking to Ladies’ Code Ashley ChoiKARD‘s BM, and BTOB‘s Peniel, Jackson discussed the difficulties he had coming to Korea and the idol training period.

In particular, he spoke about his experiences auditioning when he was 16. Jackson explained that he was expected to dance, rap and sing even though he had no experience.

Jackson auditioned with dance and, despite thinking he had done well at the time, he didn’t hide how he felt looking back at the whole process.

He even described his performance as “Wack.”

He even joked that the video was on the internet and people still laugh at it even now.

Peniel, who arrived and joined JYP Entertainment at a similar time, pointed out how proud Jackson was of his audition. He asked, “Hey hyung, it’s pretty good right?”

Jackson added that it was tough after arriving in Korea as he didn’t speak any Korean and went through the training period for a fear that he was going to get cut.

It wasn’t all gloom. Jackson pointed out that there were some good days where he spent time with Peniel and fellow GOT7 members Mark and Bambam.