Everyone Is Applauding GOT7’s Jackson For Shutting Down Racist Trolls During A Livestream

He had his own message for the haters:

GOT7‘s Jackson is receiving a whole lot of love after he shut down racist trolls during a recent livestream.


On May 23, Jackson, Youngjae, and Jinyoung went live to interact with fans before their M! Countdown comeback stage. While the three were having a lot of fun talking to fans, things took a surprising turn when trolls entered the chat.


As the three of them continued to read comments left by fans, Jackson’s smile suddenly disappeared as he read one racist message left by a hater targeted at him.

It’s so funny when Jackson speaks in Korean. He still sounds Ching.

— Hater


After fully reading the remark, Jackson then proceeded to take down the trolls in the best way possible.

You know what? No negative comments, okay? Let’s stay positive. Let’s show a lot of love. And let’s love more than hate. Alright?

— Jackson


Shortly after the incident, Jackson started trending at no. 1 on Weibo’s hot search with lots of people leaving positive comments for Jackson.


Additionally, Jackson has been receiving a whole lot of love and support for the way he took down the haters and spread the message about love!


Although haters are an unfortunate reality, Jackson’s approach to dealing with them was perfect!