GOT7’s Jackson Updated Fans About His Health After Leaving Mexico City Performance Early

Get well soon Jackson!

After falling ill during GOT7‘s Keep Spinning concert in Mexico City, Jackson gave an update about his health and sent a reassuring message to Ahgase.


During their concert on July 13, fans noticed that Jackson seemed to be feeling unwell which was further confirmed when Jackson even had to stop dancing, step away from his members, and take a break at the side of the stage.


After continuing to perform for a while, Jackson later left the concert early with his members letting IGOT7’s know that Jackson was okay.


Although GOT7 assured fans that Jackson was doing okay, everyone was still worried about Jackson and to show how much they cared they began trending #GetWellSoonJackson while sending him messages filled with their love and well-wishes.


And soon after the hashtag began trending, Jackson took to SNS to update everyone on his health. Jackson posted messages to his Twitter and Instagram, expressing his disappointment at having to leave the concert early while letting everyone know that he had been suffering from food poisoning and was currently recovering.


Get well soon Jackson!