GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Attitude Towards Hate Comments Is Surprisingly Kind, But Also Totally Savage

Jackson is speaking nothing but the truth.

In a podcast with Fun With Dumb, GOT7’s Jackson Wang addressed the topic of haters and hate comments. His attitude towards them is surprising but understandable, especially once he explains his viewpoint.

Somehow, Jackson managed to show love to his haters while also delivering cold hard truth. For Jackson, when he sees hate comments, they don’t affect him at all.

| Fun With Dumb/YouTube

In fact, he feels blessed whether he gets good or bad comments because, at the end of the day, the people commenting are paying attention to him.

The fact that they’re putting their time and effort into keeping up with what he’s doing and posting these comments is something Jackson appreciates. After all, for him, the nightmare situation is when no one comments on what he does at all, good or bad.

Jackson also stated that he sees hate comments as a person’s outlet for stress. Not that he approves of their actions, but if his haters, going through whatever situation they’re going through personally, feel some satisfaction or release, then let them have their moment in the comment section. It doesn’t affect him or the opinions of those who genuinely care for him, so if hating is your stress relief, go right ahead.

Jackson’s attitude towards hate is a testament to his unwavering belief in who he is and what he can do, and it also showcases his kind yet savage personality. Just by looking at his expression, you can tell that he has no hate for his haters, embodying his constant motto of spreading more love than hate. As Jackson said, no comment is the worst, so ignore the haters and live your own life diligently, and all will be well.