GOT7’s Jackson Wang Is A Perfectionist, But He Couldn’t Stop This Tiny Mistake From Making It Into The Final Cut

Still, even when he points it out, it’s hard to notice.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang and Clay, the Director of Video at STEEZY, reacted to the music video of Jackson’s single “Blow.” During that time, Jackson spoke about the challenges he faced on set and the hard work everyone poured into the project.

| STEEZY/YouTube

While everyone can agree that the music video is a masterpiece in every way possible, Jackson admitted that there’s a small mistake you might not have noticed in the film.

I’ll admit one thing. That lip sync right there, it was screwed up.

It’s hard for anyone else to catch even on a rewatch, but Jackson demonstrated what he had done instead of mouthing the lyrics.

It’s well known among fans that Jackson is a perfectionist, so the only reason this mistake made the final cut was due to the tight filming schedule. For rehearsals, they only did two to three, a surprisingly low number in general, but what’s more surprising is how perfect the cuts in the music video are despite not having much time to practice.

On top of that, every scene they filmed only had two takes.

We had to kill it in those two takes or else we were going to go overtime.

— Jackson

While it might not have been as hard to pull off if only Jackson and the dancers had to get it perfect, the lighting, explosions, and other special effects had to be perfectly timed within the two takes as well, making filming extremely difficult.

Still, thanks to the masterful talents on-screen and behind-the-scenes, the tight schedule didn’t hinder the production in the slightest. If there were any errors, post-production could easily take care of them, and since Jackson was personally involved in the editing process, there’s no way any mistakes would slip through.

However, the mistake with the lip sync was something that no one had any control over. Since this shot was the only take of the scene, Jackson had no other footage for the final cut.

Jackson can be assured, though, that no one else noticed the mistake (at least, not until he pointed it out). Everyone who watched the music video can agree that it’s a cinematic treasure, and his little slip-up can’t take away from the art he created. In fact, it only adds more color to the video because it proves that despite the difficulties he faced while shooting “Blow,” only one tiny mistake was made.

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