GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shows Love For Fellow Artists, BTS And BLACKPINK

He’s got nothing but love for fellow idols!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has nothing but love for his fellow artists!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

As a successful K-Pop idol himself, Jackson is no stranger to hard work and he knows just how hard successful idols work to get to where they are.

| M2/YouTube

In an interview with Variety, Jackson was asked about whether or not he thought K-Pop would always be popular. The interviewer mentioned that “popularity of genres” is always changing and asked Jackson if he thought K-Pop would last forever.

| @sneakyseunie/Twitter

Jackson told the interviewer that he does believe K-Pop will last forever because the genre is highly entertaining and constantly evolving. He pointed to BLACKPINK and BTS as two K-Pop groups that he respects and is proud of.

BLACKPINK | @sooyaaa__/Instagram
BTS | BTS/Weverse

Jackson said, “Artists like BTS, like Blackpink, I respect them in art. The direction that they’re going, me as an audience watching, I’m proud.”

| @chartsjackson/Twitter

Jackson is known to be friends with BTS’s leader, RM, and it sounds like his respect extends to all the BTS members and the BLACKPINK members, too.

Jackson Wang (left) and RM (right) | @amidocumentary/Twitter

It’s great to hear that Jackson has so much love and respect for his fellow artists, and we’re sure the feeling is mutual!

Source: Variety