GOT7’s Jackson Wang Breaks Down In Tears During Concert

He cried during a performance and speech.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang broke down in tears at his recent concert.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Jackson has officially kicked off his first-ever solo world tour, the 2022-2023 Magic Man World Tour, with sold-out concerts in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Impact Arena. He performed on Friday, November 25, Saturday, November 26, and Sunday, November 27.

While the tour is only just beginning, Jackson has set expectations high with his unbelievably spicy fan interactions and celebrity guests.

Yet, despite being a hot and successful idol, Jackson is, above all else, human. So, he couldn’t help but get emotional during his performances. His entire Magic Man album is very personal, but “Blue” especially is a touching song about finding comfort in the chaos.

When I’m broke and I’m stressing
I know you’ll stay by me
When I feel disconnected
You’re all I need

When the water runs dry
I know that I can always come find you
You’re the only one that picks me up
When I’m so blue
Can you feel it, too?

— Jackson Wang “Blue” lyrics

So, while Jackson performed “Blue” on Day 3 in Bangkok, fans noticed that he was crying.

He also delivered a personal message about the desire to be authentically himself, free from labels and tags.

Dreaming my whole life for this moment… Everything that I did… my performance, my music, everything that I do… A lot of times, it’s always been … There’s always filter in front of me. There’s always tags in front of me. There’s always labels in front of me. Before anybody look at my work… all these years… They will always filter me… to categorize me into something.

And I just want to say it takes… it’s part of the process. That’s why I appreciate it… This moment, I appreciate it so, so, so much. I don’t wanna be labeled. I don’t wanna have tags. I don’t wanna have any filter. I am me. I am Jackson Wang.

— Jackson Wang

Jackson tried to give the crowd a reassuring nod after breaking down in tears during the speech. The fans continued to cheer him on the entire time.

We all could not be more proud of Jackson!

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