GOT7’s Jackson Wang Goes On A “Date” With Rain In L.A.

They reunited in California!

Singer-songwriter and actor Rain recently made a trip to Los Angeles, California.


It just so happens that GOT7‘s Jackson Wang was in town at the same time too! He was in the U.S. promoting his new single “Blow” and making history at 2022 Coachella. 

GOT7’s Jackson Wang performing at 2022 Coachella.

Yet, he still found time to meet up with Rain. So, naturally, Jackson made an appearance in Rain’s vlog for his YouTube channel Season B Season.

Rain’s latest L.A. vlog low-key became a mukbang as he visited all the international eateries, including a taco shop.

His breakfast for the second day was none other than Vietnamese food, such as glass noodles.

Rain didn’t enjoy the meal alone, though. Jackson made a brief cameo in the video as he was there eating.

It was a wholesome breakfast “date!”

Jackson also specifically asked if he could appear in Rain’s vlog! He’s so sweet.

Both Jackson Wang and Rain were previously signed to JYP Entertainment and have moved on to be labelmates of Sublime Artist Agency. They have also started their own companies. Last year, the friends collaborated on “MAGNETIC” for the album Pieces by Rain.

You can watch Rain’s full vlog featuring Jackson Wang below:

Source: Season B Season

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