GOT7’s Jackson Wang Ends TikTok Live Immediately, But The Reason Why Is Admirable

It reveals his true personality!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang tried TikTok Live for the first time but ended it almost as soon as it began for an unexpectant but sweet reason.

Jackson Wang | Weibo

Jackson Wang held a series of live broadcasts across all his social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Weibo, to promote his upcoming album MAGIC MAN.

Jackson was autographing posters for fans and decided to hold a live broadcast via Instagram to pass the time. After talking with them for a while, he decided to try a different platform.

So, Jackson held his first Twitter Spaces. He was able actually to speak with a few Ahgases and Jackys. They even talked about a potential tour.

| @JacksonWang852/Twitter

Afterward, he decided to continue experimenting. So, he held his first-ever TikTok Live.

| @jacksonwang/TikTok via @chyngja3/Twitter

Similar to Instagram Live, Jackson’s fans watched as he signed posters.

After a little while, though, Jackson noticed that random filters appeared on him without his choice. So, he asked viewers why they were appearing out of nowhere.

Why do I have all these like sunglasses and hearts and like what… and you change this… Yeah, why do I have that?

β€” Jackson Wang

| @jacksonwang/TikTok via @OneAhgaseGOT7/Twitter

Fans explained that they and others were the ones responsible. They have the option to send it to him, much to his surprise.

What?! How do you do that?

β€” Jackson Wang

| @jacksonwang/TikTok via @OneAhgaseGOT7/Twitter

When Jackson asked how they could do that, they explained that they were “gifts” due to sending money to him. When he realized they were spending money on him, he immediately ended the live broadcast, not wanting them to spend their money.

Oh! No, no, no!

β€” Jackson Wang

| @jacksonwang/TikTok via @OneAhgaseGOT7/Twitter

Jackson continually doing live broadcasts with his fans in one night already was a testament to how down-to-earth he is. Yet, he proved just how considerate of them he is by ending his TikTok Live before any could spend more money. Considering so many influencers and celebrities host TikTok Lives to make money, Jackson ending his live broadcast on the app is incredibly admirable. It shows that he is not one to take advantage of others at all!

Watch the clip below.

Jackson Wang’s first physical solo album, MAGIC MAN, releases on September 9.

Source: jacksonwang

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