GOT7’s Jackson Wang Might Be A Global Superstar Now, But His Mindset From His Fencer Days Is Still Deeply Ingrained In Him

Being an athlete is at the core of who Jackson is.

In a video with VogueGOT7‘s Jackson Wang shared his routine before performing on stage, revealing that while he might have left the athletic world behind, the habits and mindset from his time as a fencer are still deeply ingrained in him.

The first thing he does to prepare for his performances (or second, after wearing a face mask) is stretch. While dancing differs from fencing, they’re both physical activities, and not stretching properly can result in injury.

| Vogue/YouTube

Then he warms up his body with a light jog. By doing so, he stimulates his stamina and makes sure his body is relaxed and loose.

While getting his makeup done, Jackson shared that he’s often asked what the difference between being an athlete and being a singer is.

For him, the only difference is the skillset. Everything else, from the vision to the mindset to the execution, is the same.

Jackson shared three important truths he learned as an athlete and continues to live by as a performer. The first is that failure is normal, and success is a bonus, and this mindset gives him the strength to pour his all into everything he does and not be worried or affected by the outcome. The second is that you should never be satisfied with yourself because satisfaction leads to complacency. Jackson is never satisfied with himself, driving him to constantly improve and grow.

The third truth is that it’s important to know yourself and to actively try to learn more about yourself.

Third is you just gotta understand yourself more and more and really understand what you want in life. ‘Cause everyone’s standard of happiness and success is different.

— Jackson

Jackson is constantly moving toward his dream, even if it’s only baby steps, and it’s a mentality that anyone, athlete or not, can admire and adopt.