GOT7’s Jackson Wang Gives Advice On What You Should Do If You Like Someone— Here’s What He Said

Jackson gives some simple and straightforward advice.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Jackson Wang gave advice to people who relate to his new single “LMLY”.

“LMLY” music video | Jackson Wang/YouTube

Jackson’s new hit single “LMLY” is about somebody who loves someone, but doesn’t act on it. His advice to those who relate to his song is to tell that someone you like them.

If you really like somebody, you should really make a move to tell them. To express “hey I like you,” or maybe “let’s give it a chance.

— Jackson

| ABS-CBN News/YouTube

While that won’t guarantee they reciprocate your feelings, Jackson says “it’s what it is, so let’s move on.” Well, I suppose it’s time to grab life by the reigns and go tell that special someone how you feel!